Consulting Partnership

Case Study Jan 01, 2020
Entromy closely collaborated with a strategic consulting partner. Together we accelerated commercial transformation with an innovative organizational diagnostic and network analysis.

Project Details

A leading, top 100 biotech health care services company was looking to support their comprehensive commercial organization transformation.

The company grew rapidly both inorganically and organically. They knew that to get to the next level they had to reorganize their business and go-to-market around the client. They could no longer afford different divisions calling on the same clients for different service offerings and not being coordinated.

Goals and Objectives

The objective was to use customer insights to reorganize the sales process, restructure their go-to-market plan, and to improve understanding of the scope of leadership responsibilities.

They needed to find out how they could restructure the change effectively, with minimal interruptions, given the fact that they have a complex organization with several hundred people. Traditionally they would have contracted with a large consulting organization to help support the transformation, but were looking for a much more cost effective and time efficient solution.

Entromy collaborated with one of our strategic consulting partners on this project. The goal was to surface new insights from the sales teams to improve existing customer interactions and processes. It was also critical to identify key influencers in the organization and lean on them to successfully help drive change.

The Solution

Levering Entromy’s diagnostic platform and tailoring the framework to the unique situation at the client, we completed the effort in approximately two weeks, delivering key insights.

Based on the nuanced insights into the sales operations we were able to provide them with concrete ideas that they could directly implement. We also gave them a set of the key influencers across the varying businesses. We also identified who the up and coming leaders are within the organizations that could help shape where the business was going in the future.


Typically, this level of insight takes several months to synthesize. We were able to do it in a week and a half. The project was led by one of our consulting partners. In turn, we accelerated the ability for our consulting partner to provide value by thoughtfully coordinating with the client, and together we delivered a highly innovative solution. Because of the capabilities of our platform, we were able to tweak it so that it supported the unique approach and effort that was required for the delivery of the contract.

When we partner with a consulting partner, we’re able to provide a deep understanding of the consulting process, flexibility of the platform to adapt to a very specific situation, and a unique ability to support client requests with dynamic approaches.

Entromy strives with boutique and strategic consulting partnerships. We help the consultant surface critical ideas exponentially faster by leveraging our platform, and help shape the approach and messaging for the client.

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