My First Week at Entromy

Entromy Apr 22, 2020

My first week at Entromy was awesome. I learned so much more than I ever expected to. I learned how we partner with private equity and consultant firms to leverage an innovative platform to help leaders understand their organizations instantly. I learned how virtual startups utilize various tools and platforms to stay connected in a meaningful and productive way. And I learned that working with a small and integrated team allows me to feel a sense of purpose in a way that I was truly craving.

My first day was on a Wednesday, and I began the onboarding process…virtually. With the current climate and the global pandemic that is affecting everyone and everything, I was extremely grateful to find meaningful work during this time. On top of that, I was excited to be joining a team of smart, driven, and capable individuals that seemed equally as thrilled to have me.

My first week started off with general onboarding and company history. Day two put me right into the mix, with my colleagues inviting me to join in on a call where we successfully signed and launched a new client. This hands-on experience made me feel a great connection to my team and the work we are doing right away.

Over the next couple of days, I coordinated virtual one on one meetings with my coworkers to get to know them a bit better on an individual level. Making personal connections is important to me. I met with individuals from sales, development, and customer success/support, and through each conversation I gathered a bit more information about each and their contribution to the larger team.

Rounding out my first week, I joined in on client calls and even was driving my first bit of client interactions. With a fast-growing business there is no place to hide, I was very energized by meeting and interacting with clients right off the bat.

I came on board with the intention to take on a client facing role at first — managing and owning a book of accounts. As I continue to progress, my goal is to eventually incorporate my recently acquired coding knowledge to expand my role to include user experience and software development projects. This is one of the most attractive aspects of Entromy to me. Our team is nimble, and everyone is not only doing their part, but constantly looking for ways to expand their roles to provide value to the team as we continue to grow.

Our team is inviting and accessible, each bringing to the table their own expertise and unique care for the work. I look forward to continuing to add value and grow this business with the rest of the Entromy team.

Anna Boborodea

Customer Success Manager at Entromy

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