New CEO Effectiveness

Case Study Jan 01, 2020
Entromy shattered the notion of a 100-day plan and delivered a deep organizational blueprint within one week to help the new CEO come up to speed immediately

Project Details

We were approached by a private equity firm to support a new CEO coming in from outside of the organization who needed to hit the ground running with a comprehensive understanding of the company. The mid-market company provides specialized professional services across hundreds of locations to its clients.

For a CEO to step into such an organization with no prior knowledge is excruciatingly difficult. However, doing so with the burden and pressure of a non-negotiable private equity investment thesis is akin to rebuilding the propulsion system and attaching new wings to a plane in flight.

The key questions for the CEO were:

• What can I rely on and who can I trust?
• What is broken?
• What needs be addressed immediately?
• What are the priorities going forward, so that I can be most valuable?

The Solution

Leveraging Entromy’s diagnostic platform, we provided a due diligence diagnostic report to the new CEO in about a week. The level of depth we delivered would typically take 5 years of experience at the organization to completely understand who-is-who and which teams pose what risks.

This offered insight into what parts of the company are underserved and undernourished, and what unites the employees so they can be highly effective. The new leader is given a core organizational understanding of what is working, what needs to change, and who are the people that can help you get it done.

Our customer success team on-boarded the incumbent executive team during the diagnostic, providing critical insights on the process, shared best practices on the framing, provided supporting communication, and clarified what to expect. The results proved not only exceptionally helpful for the incoming executive, but also validated many notions of the existing leadership team. We have clearly delighted the customer both in terms of our process, and the quality of our results and insights.

The organization and the CEO found the diagnostic to be truly transformative.

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