Transparency in organizations improves performance, but too much of it backfires

Industry Trends Apr 01, 2017

The right level of transparency in an organization can accelerate business performance. But too much of it can bring significant negatives.

Transparency generally improves alignment, opportunity for teams to act faster, ensure that results and problems are addressed before they have chance to balloon. However, David de Cremer argues that too much transparency can create “ blaming culture”, “ increase distrust”, “ increase cheating” and also create “ resistance” to change. ( HBR — When Transparency Backfires, and How to Prevent It)

Entromy can provide the right balance to facilitate information sharing, access to results, and careful management of sensitive topics. Many advanced features (e.g. sensitive topic detection, statement reviews, collaborative prioritization, …) allow issues to rapidly surface, but also carefully tailor how quickly information spreads depending on the context of the organization or even its individual business units.

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