Upgrade to a more effective strategy session

Entromy Jan 01, 2019

We are thrilled to announce a new Accelerated Strategy Planning (ASP) offering, powered by Entromy’s Insights Platform, that changes the paradigm of what’s possible in running a highly effective executive strategy planning session. About 50% of executives admit to not having full confidence in achieving the company’s strategic goals and priorities.

Challenge of building consensus view in team setting

Entromy has worked with hundreds of executives and observed common challenges of achieving highly aligned executive teams that can deliver outstanding business results. In a traditional offsite, a team of executives often opens with a white board discussion trying to build a shared view of key issues, priorities, and risks for the business going forward. With a typical executive team dynamic this is often a flawed and ineffective exercise. Our customers and consulting partners were looking for a different solution.

An effective alternative that removes bias, surfaces shared priorities, and moves faster to decision making

We have reimagined the opportunity to facilitate a more effective discussion. Leveraging Entromy’s flexible ASP offering, we can equip the executives with an impressive set of pre-read materials which represent a highly prioritized, nuanced view of to-date business performance, and view on forward looking roadmap and priorities. The ability to achieve this level of richness is supported by Entromy’s unique real-time natural language processing capabilities which effectively create a virtual conversation, connecting on common issues and topics in real-time. The results can typically be available within a week, accounting for giving members enough time to respond at their leisure. The Entromy’s platform automatically analyzes and summarizes key insights into an Executive Pre-Reads to be available on demand.

By removing positional authority of strong leaders in a live discussion, Entromy’s solution opens a more comprehensive and representative view of key risks across the business. We have built the solution in close collaboration with our consulting partners who have seen a huge benefit in approach where a strategy session will have professionally managed facilitation. “Being able to have a shared and calibrated view of 30 executives in real-time with minimal requirement on their time, and without the typical scheduling head-aches is groundbreaking”.

Entromy’s AI-enabled ASP provides a more effective way to run strategy session today

Entromy’s AI-enabled ASP solution pulls together a prioritized view from the leadership and executive team on challenges in the business today, and perspectives on priorities to successfully accelerate business forward. Built on extensive expertise and successfully deployed with multiple companies, Entromy’s ASP capabilities have helped clients successfully prepare for 2019.

For more information about the Accelerated Strategic Planning capability please visit: https://www.entromy.com/accelerated_strategy/

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